This is an easy biscuit pudding and can be made to suit your palate. I recorded a quick video tutorial just to show you the method .
Basically you need to dip marie biscuits (or any biscuit you like…make sure they are biscuits that soften) in vanilla and cinnamon flavored warm milk. Then you need to sandwich them with a mixture of softened butter , sugar and drinking chocolate powder (like Nesquik…or cadburys drinking chocolate) and then stack them up in a plastic container. The whole concoction is then smothered in sweetened whipped cream and left to set for about six hours. Its then ready to cut and serve!!
this pudding can turn out to be dry….please dip the biscuits properly or else the whole pudding will remain dry,. In the video i added a bit of whipped cream but the pudding got dry and so i had to add some more. You can also flavor the whipped cream with a bit of cocoa if you wish. I also have a video on how to whip cream ( its the video titled how to make home made butter)
Here is the link to the video:

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  1. Rico, rico, rico. Y sencillo. Me encanta ver el video, se te queda la receta mucho mejor.

  2. nituchugani says:

    Reme..besos 🙂

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