I baked this chocolate cake for my son whos home for the holidays and frosted it with a “unique” frosting.
I posted the picture on facebook and had soo many comments to share the recipe.
You can use any of my eggless  or normal chocolate cake recipes for the cake, it makes no difference.
Once the cake has been cooled just slice it in half and sandwich and cover with the frosting.
Here is the recipe for the frosting
100 ml of whipping cream
100 grams of white cream cheese(the philadelphia kind)
50 grams of powdered sugar or to taste ( i used my amazing bullet to powder it)
100 grams of milk chocolate bar, or if you prefer dark chocolate use dark chocolate
Chill the whipping cream for about 2 hours till well chilled. The cream cheese should also be refrigerated. Whip the cream till its stiff (please see my how to make butter video on youtube which shows you how to whip cream). Separately beat the cream cheese till fluffy. Add the sugar to the cream cheese and fold it carefully into the whipped cream. Taste and correct sugar. Put it in a container and freeze it till firm. Meanwhile melt the chocolate in the microwave till melted. Now put the melted chocolate while its warm into the chilled whipped cream mixture and mix quickly. The warm chocolate will instantly cool into the mixture and will sort of stiffen into tiny particles. Something like stracciatella. Sandwich and cover your cake with this frosting. The frosting should be enough to cover the cake.
Thats it!!! Simple enough???? Do try this out and comment!!

How to whip cream and make home made butter

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  1. Madre mía que pastel tan rico…y se ve super jugoso. Riquísimo.

  2. veenashankar says:

    So Yummy.. I love the frosting!

  3. Jyoti Khemlani says:

    Hi Nitu
    You say to use any chocolate receipe
    Can u please give me 1 good veg cake receipe

    • nituchugani says:

      Hi Jyoti on the blog there are many recipes of chocolate cake and also a video on youtube, you can refer to that…

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