This pic and recipe has been sent to me by my dear friend Reema Khan who lives in Islamabad
She made this herself and doesnt that look amazing..she was sweet to write out the whole recipe for me.
To chop the veggies you can use BRAVO MAGIC BULLET and save time!!
Salsa Sauce Ingredients.

1- Chopped Tomatoes
2- Chopped Onions
3- Chopped Cilantro
5-Hot sauce (Tabasco)
8-Pepper Flakes

Mix all these ingridientts together. Make sure you use very less vinegar and hot sause. If you use too much ketchup it’ll turn out to taste sweet. Make sure you put in all ingridients according to your taste. I don’t use measurements 😦 I am not good with that. I taste the sauce and keep adding more of whatever I like 🙂 Simple as it looks!!

For Flour crackers, Just mix white flour with a little bit of oil and salt and keep kneding it until nice and hard, roll it to look like a shape of a round torilla bread. And cut it into 8 slices or 6 slices to make it look like a triangular pizza slice….and deep fry it until it’s crispy. These flour crackers can be stored in a container.
Thank you soo much Reema sweetie 🙂

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