I love challenges! I like doing things that excite me (in every sense of the word) ..and i love creating new , easy and accessible recipes.
My video tutorial on how to make home made cheese really has been widely watched and got me soo many positive comments.
Apart from recipes i like to show how to do certain things.. so i decided to make a video on home made butter. I had no clue how to make butter!
A cooking blogger friend of mine explained the whole process to me and i started doing some research online.
I saw a lot of videos on how to make butter and compiled all of them plus my friends own experience with butter making and made my own video.
I have timed it so you can be guided  and showed all the steps.
This butter will keep for a week to 10 days in the fridge since it does not have any additives or preservatives.
How did it taste? Better than any butter i have ever tasted!
So…this is what you need for about 100-150 grams of butter (sorry i did not have a scale at hand to weigh it)
400 ml of cream (over 35% in fat content), chilled
salt to taste if you want
a hand blender or a cake mixer whatever you have at home
I have even seen a video of a person using a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and shaking the cream

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2 Responses to HOME MADE BUTTER

  1. vinita says:

    Hi Nitu I think we used to email eachother many years ago….Happy to see that you are doing so well. Congratulations! I have also started photographing my food and writing down the recipes for the last two years…Lots of love. Vinita (Vini)

    • nituchugani says:

      Hi Vinita… yes i do rememember you!! How are you sweety..thank you soo much for your good wishes…hug

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