Another excellent recipe sent to me by Ree Khan. Thank you soo much Ree! Kabas are wonderful and light and quite healthy because of their low content in fat, if you are on a high protein diet this recipe is just for you. You can omit the bread . In this recipe two kinds of mince are used. When i was in Dubai i had tasted this kabab and asked the chef what meat he used to make it and he said beef and lamb. The taste was awesome and i recall once i had made some indian style kababs with 3 types of mince (ages ago) and everyone who tasted it complemented me about tis flavor and texture.

250 grams of Mince Meat of your choice. (Better if two types of mince meat are mixed..it can be either lamb with chicken of beef)
Green Chilies, chopped to taste
1 egg, beaten slightly
-Salt to Taste
-Black Pepper to Taste
1/4 teaspoon of cumin powder
– Red Pepper Flakes
1 chopped onion
a little lemon juice
1 slice of bread soaked in a little milk so it becomes pasty,

Mix All the ingredients together. All Ingredients should be according to your taste, some people like less salt, more chilies etc. Make sure you put as much you require. I used a machine to grind all these ingredients together, and it was much better than I usually do it with my hands.
Shape into long flat kababs and grill on a heated frying pan or grill with a little oil on it.
Serve with salad and dill rice!!
Thank you soo much Ree Khan!!

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