This healthy bread snack is filled with sprouts and paneer (cottage cheese) making it a whole meal on its own! For a side dish i would suggest a salad and your packed with the vitamins and nutrients one needs. The recipe and the pic has been sent to me by our dear Dipa Motwani from Malaga Spain and i really do thank her from the bottom of my heart go to through the patience to photograph and write me the recipe so i can share it with all of you. You can make this with any filling you wish or even left over food but do try Dipa´s innovative recipe!!

1/2 cup of Moong beans, sprouted
1/2 cup of paneer or cottage cheese
one cup of spring onions
a pinch of hing(asafoetida)
2 chopped spring onions
1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
green chilles
 pinch of turmeric
 pinch of black pepper
curry leaves
ginder and garlic grinded
half a cup of Raisins …………
Sprout the mung beans by soaking them over night in water. Next day drain them and leave them spread in the open and and you will find them sprouting.
heat a little oil in pan and sautee the spring onions with the ginger garlic paste  black ppepper and curry leaves chilles.all together
start stiring on slow flame till golden light brown and add salt grated paneer cilantro leaves and  lime juice
 Add the sprouted mung beans, turmeric and some spices if you like.and mix well. Lastly add the raisins


now remove from the pan and keep it to cool down fr few moments its should not be hot nor cold …..
now take two sliches of sandwich bread .
wet each  slice of bread and with palm wet one slice and put  the stuffingall over the bread and put the other slightly wet slice on top of it and seal well by pressing the sides together.
Make all the bread slices like this with the stuffing,Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry it on each side till its golden brown. Serve with chutney,
Serving suggestion: i put a dollop of yougurt and some sliced tomatoes on each bread puff.
NITU DIDI TIP: the bread should just be wet by your wet palms just so that it can be moulded. If you wet it too much it will break apart.
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