This is a simple brocolli recipe which retains the vitamins and flavor of the brocolli. Lemon juice and olive oil are also good for health so this is a whole in whole very low calorie and healthy recipe. If you dont have olive oil you can substitute it with melted butter or any kind of oil. Do keep in mind that the flavor of the dressing depends on the kind of oil you use.
I have created a video tutorial showing you to make this to make life and cooking easy!!
500 grams brocolli cut into florets
juice of 1 lemon
4 tablespoons of olive oil
salt to taste
Mix the lemon juice with the olive oil and salt and let it sit so that it absorbs all the flavors. Put a pot with water to boil on heat and when the water starts boiling add the brocolli florets and cook till al dente. Drain the brocolli and then pour the dressing on the top and serve!!
Eat happy and healthy!!

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