Fritata is an egg based dish which resembles a thick omlette combined with vegetables, cheese and all kinds of meat. Mostly its made in a frying pan and then finished off in the oven or in the pan itself depending on how you want to make it. This spìnach sausage fritata is a big favourite in my home and its a nice way of eating spinach if you dont like to!!! I used chicken sausage but you can use whichever sausage you prefer.
2 large fresh farm eggs ( if recently laid even better!!!- am just joking!!!!)
1 small cup of boiled and well drained spinach
2-3 chicken sausages cut into rounds
salt and pepper to taste
a small splash of cream(i did not add..but its delicious with cream)
olive oil
Beat the eggs well with salt and pepper. Add the spinach and the sliced sausage to the eggs and the cream. Heat a non stick frying pan or skillet with the olive oil and add the egg mixture to it and cover the pan. When the eggs are set on one side flip it over and let it cook on the other side.
Serve hot with some frech baguette or a toast!
Ideal for breakfast or tupperwares or packed lunches!!!
Also very good for a high protein diet.

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