This is an all time American favourite!! I used to eat this when i was in Hong Kong and never ever imagined one day id be able to make it!! I have a video of this which i shall upload but here i am going to post the recipe step by step with the ingredients.
Its a little tricky to make the caramel but then you do have the video tutorial to follow.

100 grams of butter
300 grams of white sugar
300 grams of salted pounded almonds
200 grams of milk chocolate

Line half the almonds in a tray (could be a baking tray or a glass one)

Melt the butter and sugar in the pan till it caramalises (see pics of step three and four)

This is how it should look likeSTEP FIVE
Pour the hot caramel ontop of the crushed almonds and immediately put the chocolate pieces on it…the pieces will melt with the heat

With a spatula or a butter knife spread the chocolate over the caramel and cover with the remaining almonds and press gently with the palm of your hands taking care not to burn yourself. Leave to set for about 6 hours till the chocolate hardens.

This is how it should look. Let it set for about 6 hours and then break into pieces
VOILA!!! You have your yummmy ALMOND ROCA!!

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2 Responses to ALMOND ROCA

  1. Ty Johnson says:

    That looks so good, my mouth is watering lol Awesome Awesome Awesome

  2. nituchugani says:

    thank you soo much sweetheart 🙂

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