Once again i take extreme pleasure in sharing a recipe and pic sent to me by one of my followers . They take the trouble to write out the recipe and click and pic and then email it to me so i can put it up on my facebook page and i go a step ahead and put it on the blog so that it can be saved and sent to all my subscribers. Thank you soo much KARISHMA AHUJA from Benidorm. I havent had the time to try out your wonderful recipe yet but i am sure its lovely..If anyone does try it do write a comment about its taste 🙂

This is the shortest recipe of chicken I’ve ever seen. It’s delicious too & easy to prepare for teenagers like me & also our mothers. It takes maximum half an hour.




5-6 drumsticks of chicken

2 lemons

2-3 big/long green chilies



Salt & Pepper

1-2 teaspoons cardamom powder

Salad: 1-2 cucumbers, half a lettuce, one tomato, 1-2 green chilies, salt, pepper & vinegar.




First we grind the green chilies, the ginger & the garlic separately & place them in 3 different bowls. Then, in a pan, we put oil (not much) & put our drumsticks in them. We add the green chillies, ginger, cardamom powder & garlic & cover the pan for 15-20 mins, depending on the temperature & also the amount of drumsticks. Meanwhile, in a glass, we squeeze 1 & a half lemon. Once we see that the chicken has got a golden, shining aspect, we add salt & pepper & later, the lemon juice; switch off the gas and let stay for 5 minutes. Then in a dish, we first pour the gravy (oil + lemon juice) & then place the drumsticks. For garnishing, we can squeeze a bit of lemon over the drumsticks & then add some parsley. The gravy has the lemon flavor so while

For the salad we cut a cucumber in dices & we do the same with the lettuce. We mix them separately in the necessary amounts of salt & pepper & add vinegar. Later we take a plate, in the centre Hill be our tomato cut in a flower shape & then we spread the lettuce & above that our layer of diced cucumbers. If we wish to, at the edges of the plate we can cut the long chillies as 2 sticks & place them.


The chicken & salad can be served with pan (bread) which can be dipped in the gravy.

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