Chinese onion cakes
These delicious pure vegetarian cakes are a delight in most chinese restaurants in Hongkong and China. I dont think there are many restaurants in Spain that serve them …if anyone does know of any do let me know… They are excellent to serve in a party as a starter or even in your main meal instead of rice or noodles…
I am writing down the ingredients you need but since they need a bit of art to make i will give you the link of the video on youtube so you can watch it and then get the knack of making them!!
Do enjoy and as i say kneading a dough is soo anti stressful!!
white flour, washed towed dried and finely chopped spring onions, salt, cooking oil, a splash of sesame oil (mix both the oils together)

knead a dough out of the white flour and the water with a nice big pinch of salt and  knead it for at least 5-6 minutes so you get a nice elastic smooth dough. Make the dough into small balls and roll into a thin round. Spread a bit of the mixed oils on the round and then sprinkle with finely chopped spring onions. Roll it into a roll and seal the edges. Then fold it into a spiral and flatten it and roll it out again. Deep fry it on medium heat till golden brown and please watch the video to understand it better.


can be also made in this shape


To make it this shape just roll the dough into a round, spread the spring onions over it and then roll it up , press slightly and bring the edges together and seal…It will resemble a round ring..Deep fry them and then cut into half…

Nitu Chugani©

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  1. Helena says:

    quee pintaza Nitu!!!! en cuanto pueda lo hago!!!! Un besazo

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