Exciting way to serve your mushrooms…purely vegan and gluten free!

Button Mushrooms . 200 grams
Garlic – 5-6 medium cloves
Onion – I small
Spring onion – 2 plants
Red / Green Capsicum -1/4
Green Coriander
Black pepper
Tomato sauce
Soya sauce
Olive oil (2 tea spoons)
Butter 1 cube
Cheese (prefeably mozzarela) optional …
Procedure ….
Wash the mushrooms and pat them dry .Twist and take out the stems to form a cavity . If you are not able to take out the stem properly then cut the sterm and scoop out the rest .Take the mushroom caps and put them in a bowl . Season them with olive oil and salt and pepper and pòur the mix over the mushrooms caps.. Keep this a side and let it marinate…
Chop the mushroom stems , onion , garlic, capsicum , and spring onions very finely in a pan melt butter and the garlic and fry for 2 mints , Add the Onions, capsicum , spring onions  and mushrooms stems , and saute for 2 mints.add one tea spoon of toamto sauce, and 2-3 drops of soyo sauce ..add salt and pepper as per taste and chopped coriander leaves.
saute for 2mints , the idea is to keep the filling cruncy . Do not over cook .
Turn off the gas and let the filling cool down a bit . Take the misture and fill in the mushroom cavity till brim . Push the filling into the cavity if you have to . place the filled mushrooms on the oven plate and grate cheese on the top pf the mushrooms
pre-heat the oven 160 -180 C FOR 5-8MINTS …
Garnish wth corinder when oven is off remove it on the serving plate .. ad serve it hot .
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  1. shilpa dewan says:

    nyc recipe vil try it soon…..!!!

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