BOONDI LADOO (indian sweets)

This recipe and pic has been sent to me by Pinky Nagdev who is such an avid follower of mine. Thank you soo much you!!!

Boondi ke laddoo

Ings. for the boondi :
1 cup besan ( Bengal gram flour )
half cup of water (approximately)

Ings. for the sugar syrup :
1 n half cup of sugar
1 cup of water
2 pinches of cardamom powder
1/8 th cup of assorted dry fruits ( finely cut cashewnuts, almonds, pistachios and raisins )

For making sugar syrup :
Boil sugar along with water. The moment it boils, simmer it for around 12 mins. cover n keep it hot while using.

For making boondi :
Mix besan with around half cup of water gradually making sure there are no lumps. we need a batter neither thick nor thin. Best way to test the batter is to try making few boondis before. Heat oil in a pan . Hold a strainer ( sort of a flat ladle with holes ) above the hot oil. Pour a ladle full of batter on the strainer and pass the batter through it. If the batter drops in the oil making round separate boondis then the batter is just perfect.
Tips :
* If the batter doesn’t drop into the oil it means the batter is thick. add water gradually to attain that perfect consistency.
* If the boondis turn out to be shapeless then the batter is thin. Add little Besan for that perfect consistency.
* If boondis d’nt separate n stick together then ur oil isn’t hot enough
* Even if the boondis r perfect round n separate , always check them after frying. press them and check if they are light weight. Heavier ones won’t soak the syrup.

Remove the fried boondis out of the hot oil and transfer them instantly to the hot sugar syrup along with finely cut dry fruits and cardamom powder. Let it stand for about 15 mins. Squeeze boondis and Start makin balls wen they’re still warm. Initially it will be tough shaping them into perfect round balls. But once u shape all of them you can again start shaping them wen little cold. But remember.. you cannot bind boondis wen cold. so shape them when warm.. imperfect though.. and again re-shape them after few mins.

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4 Responses to BOONDI LADOO (indian sweets)

  1. poonam tindwani says:

    nice recipe…!!! Thanks alot di n pinks..

  2. Pinky says:

    Poonam .. did u try them..

  3. pinky says:

    now i m going to try your recipe of boondi ladoo. i hope i will better from my aspect.

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