This vegetable pie is easy to make and can be made to suit your own preferences. I will give you all the options : it can be made dry so you can cut it into squares to serve or it can be made more saucy and served as a main dish…the green layer is due to the spinach, the red is tomato paste and the white is iwth any white vegetable of your choice…i used courgettes. So should we start?????
I cant give exact measurements coz it all depends if you want it saucy or dry. TIP: if you want it saucey just add more quantity of the sauces …….
250 grams of fine pasta ( i used what we put in the soups ….but any fine pasta will do)
grated cheese of your choice
Boil the pasta and divide it into 3 portions
spinach puree made by boiling spinach with a little onion straining it and blending it in the blender
add some cream, salt and pepper and grated cheese
sautee finely chopped mushrooms, add oregano, salt and pepper and tomato paste, a bit of tomato ketchup and grated cheese
sautee some courgettes which you chop fine in olive oil, add salt and pepper , some cream and cheese
take a baking dish(glass would look prettier as you can see the layers) Mix each portion of the boiled pasta with one of the colors…taste, add more cream if you want it saucier…. and start layering the baking dish with each layer, pressing firmly so it sets well. i started with the green , then the red and lastly the white.
Top it with grated cheese and dollops of ketchup and bake in a medium oven 200 degrees till done.
NITU DIDI TIP: if you want it to taste really exotic you can use a different cheese for each layer…for example grated cheddar, edam, gouda, mozarella etc

NOTE: this whole recipe was made by my daughter Chaya!!!

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2 Responses to 3 COLOR VEGE PASTA PIE

  1. looks just great….es increíble….
    lo haré…i am sure.

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