The combination of vegetables with chicken makes this a complete meal. Here the chicken breast is just pan fried, removed and in the same pan the onions are caramelised with the other vegetables. Easy , practical and delicious… Totally ala “NITU DIDI”!!!!!
4 chicken fillets, kept whole or cut up (choice is yours…i halved mine)
2 cups of onions, sliced
2 cups of mushrooms, sliced
2 cups of mixed bell peppers (capsicums..i used green and red)
3 bay leaves “Nitu Didi” broken up
4 cloves of garlic  roughly chopped
salt to taste
chilli flakes
6 tablespoons of olive oil (or as needed)
heat a non stick frying pan and add the olive oil in it and then the chicken fillets…season with salt and pepper and brown them on both sides. Once browed keep it aside covered and in the same pan add the sliced onions with the bay leaf and the garlic.  Cook the onions slowly , covered till they turn brown and mushy…. once browned add the mushrooms and cook till soft, Add the capsicums last and stir till the capsicums are still crunchy. To serve you can either add it on top of the chicken fillets or mix the chicken fillets in the vegetable mixture. I served it with white rice..IT WAS YUMMY AND LIGHT!!

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