I decided to make these as an offering for some prayers which are being held in my friends place. It is the festival of the god GANESH ..Ganesh Chathurti in India and here also in Valencia some of my freinds are celebrating it.
Cake pops are made with cake which is crumbled and then you can either add chocolate, cream or whatever you wish to bind it so it can be shaped into balls. These balls are then cooled and dipped into crushed nuts or melted chocolate. Wooden skewers are usually poked into them but i didnt have anything to balance them on so i just put them into an aluminum use and throw container.
1 eggless cake, crumbed (please refer to my youtube video)

.i flavored it with saffron and cardamom)

5 tablespoons of cream beaten with 4 tablespoons of sugar
1/4 teaspoon of rose essence
dessicated coconut
M&Ms for decorating
mix the crumbed cake with the sugar cream mixture and shape into balls. Roll in dessicated coconut and insert an M&M into each. Refrigerate if you want to have them cold!!

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