These spicy wings are healthy to eat because they are baked and have no added oil on them!
You can mix and match the spices acording to your own kitchen cupboard contents and the heat comes from the amount of chilli powder you use so that can be adjusted.
500 grams chicken wings, tip cut off and cut into 2 (i trim off the excess skin and fat and even prick them with a knife so the marinade penetrates in)
1/2 teaspoon each of Nitu Didis coriander powder, cumin powder, lemon pepper, hot paprika powder garlic powder and turmeric powder
salt and chilli powder to taste
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
mix the spices and sprinkle all over the chicken wings with the salt and lemon juice rub the spices well into the chicken and leave for 2 hours to marinate
put into a baking tray and bake  in a preheated hot oven till golden on both sides (you will have to turn them once after 15 minutes )

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  1. mona says:

    what is the meaning of preheated hot oven???n wat among d optionz to use in oven??n alzo let me no tat wat temp to bake….n whatz the hindi name of chicken wingz…az in wen we go to buy vot to azk d vendor for??

    • nituchugani says:

      Mona.. preheated oven is a oven which you heat for about 10 minutes before putting the food you want to bake it. This is done so that the food doesnt go into a cold oven and baking time is quicket. Temperature to bake : 200 degrees. Hindi name of chicken wings?? maybe murgi ki pankhi??? im not sure coz i have never lived in india… the wings are v-shaped attached to the chicken breast. i hope this helps

  2. mona says:

    nitu di can v have a vdo on diz plz…i duno how to make non veg n microwave cooking…m alzo sindhi n wud luv to follow u az tatzz give d dizh a sindhi taste…n how to cut the tip into two…plz can v have a visual…i wud b highly bestowed in case u kud help tankz!!!

  3. mona says:

    what is a baking tray??can u plz send any link on wich the picture iz der…n tankz a ton…all the info waz osam

  4. nituchugani says:

    mona hi…a baking tray is a metal tray specifically made for the oven to bear the high temperatures. I wil try and make a video visual of this but its very easy. if you go to my paella video you can see the cut pieces of the chicken ok?? i will try as i am very busy the coming week with guests 🙂

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