You all know how to make the normal spanish gazpacho which is the cold tomato based soup which is soo popular in Spain during the summer.
Now lets make a RECIPE WITH A TWIST!!! WATERMELON GAZPACHO!!! Sweet salty and soo cooling this can be served as a drink or a soup!!!
A great party idea is to serve it as a MOCKTAIL…and if you want a COCKTAIL…just add a splash of white rum or vodka to it!!!! Soo many different ways to use one recipe!!
Serve it chilled and with a breadstick, or some crackers…. i have just put a spring of parsely as a decoration…
3 cups of chopped watermelon
1 cup of chopped cucumber, skin off
1 cup of chopped red tomatoes
1/4 cup of red capsicum
salt to taste
Blend everything in the blender till verry smooth. If you want you can strain it… i did not… chill in the fridge and then serve as you wish…in a wine glass, or in a bowl… or even in a punchbowl!!!!


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