This recipe was sent to me by SAJNA BASANT along with the pic…You all are welcome to send me your recipes and a clear pic and i shall post them here with your name 🙂 I made this with a little change…i used lemon pepper instead of black pepper to give it a tang 🙂 I could have taken a pic but i wanted to use the pic sent to me as a token of appreciation 🙂 So all of you do send me your recipes and pics if you want to be a part of me 🙂


Paneer – 250 grams
Onion-2 medium
garlic cloves -5 nos
Red pepper (red capsicum)-1
Nitu Didi Lemon Pepper, 2 teaspoons
red chilli flakes, a pinch
gharam masala -1 tspn
salt to taste and 2 tablespoons of olive oil


Cut the paneer into small cubes and saute in oil and keep aside.
Saute onion , garlic ,red pepper, gharam masala, pepper powder and salt. Now mix paneer to this sauted mixture . cook on low flame with lid closed till the flavour is mixed with paneer.garnish and serve


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