RECIPE AND PIC BY MY DEAREST SAJNA BASANT..she sent it to me with lots of love 🙂 thank you soo much SAJNA

This recipee takes less than 10 minutes cooking time and also very sweeter than the one we make using milk.One more advantage of this recipee is its healthier than the pan made halwa as the ghee and sugar required are minimum.
Moreover the goodness of carrot is not lost by evaporation.


Carrot – 4 big ones grated
Sugar -10 tablespoons (varies depends on the sweetness of carrot)
Ghee -6 table spoons (can also use butter)
Condensed milk-4 tablespoons
cardamom (seeds crushed) -2nos and a pinch of NITU DIDI pure spanish saffron

In a pressure cooker add carrot, ghee and sugar. cook for 3-4 whistles. The ghee and sugar might have seperated on top now. Now add cardamom seeds crushed, and condensed milk and the saffron if there is excess water from sugar/ghee keep on stirring under medium flame to evaporate it out.if u want to mash the carrot can do it now or if u want it like flakes then leave as such. remove from fire when it starts thickening and garnish with nuts like cashew nuts, pistachios and walnuts

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