I simply love KRAFT CHEDDAR CHEESE!!! We  dont get it in Spain and i always have to ask someone to bring me some. I use it as gold…verry sparingly but this time i couldnt resist making my favourtie snack with it. CHEESY SQUARES…pure vegetarian snack…and soo delicous..even the most fussy eater will love this!!
You can serve it with the sauce of your choice but i chose to be a little health  concious(ahem ahem!!!) and make a no oil picadillio!! So here we go with the recipe..By the way if anyone knows anyone in KRAFT.. please ask …why oh why dont we get this cheese in Spain????
1 cup of semolina(sooji in hindi)
4 cups of skimmed milk (you can use full fat milk if you wish, and please use the same cup as the measurements)
1 pinch of NITU DIDIs cumin seeds
1 pinch of NITU DIDIs chilli flakes
1/2 teaspoon of grated ginger
green chillies and coriander leaves as you wish
1 pinch of NITU DIDIs black pepper powder
salt to taste
1 cup of grated cheese ( i used KRAFT CHEDDAR CHEESE)
breadcrumbs as needed
oil for deep frying
Heat 3 cups of milk with the cumin seeds, black pepper, grated ginger, chilli flakes and when well heated add the semolina(sooji) and cook it till the whole mixture is thick and leaves the sides of the pan. Add the green chillies and the coriander leaves and remove from the heat. Stir in the grated cheese and spread on a baking tray or a flat plate. With wet palms pat it on the surface to even it out. I say wet palms because you wont burn yourself and the mixture wont stick to your palms, I like my squares pretty fine so i spread the mixture onto 3 plates. When cool cut into squares. Separate the squares and dip into the remaining 1 cup of milk and then coat in breadcrumbs. Deep fry in hot oil till brown and crispy…SERVE WITH OIL FREE PICADILLO(please do not laugh!!)
cut small pieces of tomato, onion, green chillies, capsicum, coriander leaves and cucumber. Season with salt and lemon juice…If you want you can add a good Virgin olive oil..i didnt!!

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