TrufflesFor the upcoming Indian festival Raksha Bandhan  where a sister ties her brother a hand band on his wrist to enforce their sibling love and thank him for always being there for her, it is a tradition to feed your brother with something sweet. Sisters go out of their way making an effort to please him by making new types of either indian or western sweets  ( eggless ofcourse as Raksha Bandhan falls on a full moon day and most Indians abstain from meat that day).

Anyways , festival explanations apart, I would like to tell you about this recipe which was given to me by a dear friend Alexandra Reira for dessert. I found it so delicious that I asked her for the recipe and she smiled and said,  “Recipe? This is so easy!”. Well, here is the ” easy peasy ” recipe , tweaked a little bit by me. Do try it out . You will enjoy it!

The recipe makes about 50-60 truffles so please halve the recipe if you want less.


300 grams of biscuits ( not cookies ) of your choice, I used ginger biscuits

200 grams of  dark chocolate, chopped

200 ml of double cream

A bit of icing sugar if you want it extra sweet ( i didnt add)

2 tablespoons of Baileys Irish Liquer ( or more if you want, or omit this!)

Chocolate sprinkles for decoration

Chopped caramlized nuts for decoration



Powder the biscuits in a food processor and then tip into a bowl. Melt  the double cream and the chocolate in the microwave using 15 second intervals so as not to burn it. Add the melted chocolate to the biscuits. Mix well and then add the Baileys if you wish or extra icing sugar after tasting it. Please do not drink the whole bottle of Baileys! Mix it all very well and try not to keep on tasting it like I did! I used rubber gloves to do this so that the mixture wouldnt get into my nails. If the mixture is too soggy you can refrigerate it til it gets a little firm . Mix the chocolate sprinkles and the caramalized nuts in a plate. Make balls out of these delicious choco biscuit mixture and coat with the sprinkle mixture. Put it in a container and keep it hidden or else someone will find it and eat it all up and then u wont have any!!!


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