Today i bring you a healthy recipe sent to me by Ravneet Arora. This vegetarian mousakka is delicous and easy to make. Boiled brown lentils replace the minced meat in a regular mousakka. You can even use cooked soya mince instead of the brown lentils. For my soya mince recipe please click HERE. This recipe has no measurements as its a matter of just putting it all together. Thank you so much Ravneet for your lovely recipe. Pan roasted thinly sliced potatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, garlic, onions and capsicums in olive oil.

Chopped a whole lot of tomatoes, added a carton of tomato puree, and cooked in olive oil alongwith salt, sugar, cinnamon powder and clove powder. Added brown lentils which have been previously soaked and pressured cooked , You can also use canned lentils.

Layered a casserole dish with aubergines, potatoes, mushrooms and garlic, lentil mixture and topped with béchamel sauce. Sprinkled each layer with salt, black pepper powder and oregano.

Topped the sauce with onion slices and capsicums and grated cheese. Baked in a hot oven for 30 mins.

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