Another wonderful home made herbal concoction by Pooja Mansukhani of Dubai. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for bringing us these valuable recipes which have been lost in time.  She painstakingly has taken time to research and write down all the benefits of this recipe. All I am doing is bringing it to all of you, hoping it helps all of you . I read soo many complaints of new mothers who say their babies have colic or are restless. Maybe if you give your little angels a bit of this they can be relieved?
Home-Made wonderful mix..  taken everyday may help you keep away from medicines for a longer period of life.. 🙂 May call it Chaat~a 

Just try: Sharing a nuska’ that may help many, in different areas of pain, uneasiness, flatulence, indigestion, vomiting, cold, cough, flu, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea,  feeling of over fullness, nausea etc.


For a body to stay healthy, unwanted foreign bodies, toxins must be flushed out, regularly; even a little gas can arise discomfort in bones, joints and one day become permanent.


During the process, while the food is present in the stomach, many times due to lack of exercise, or sitting on an office chair working extra shifts, our body is not able to break-down the food properly and if that style remains specially for those who are working in offices, one eventually becomes lethargic, and prone to sickness like flatulence, indigestion etc. 


I always wanted to share this secret..  an Old’ nanny secret… A Wonder-Mix ‘  Sindhi’s  call it Cha’taa.  Many of us use it for newly born children. Its purpose of giving to new born is to help them have a clear stomach, as they feed only on milk and milk produces gas.

I am sharing this in good intention, please note it’s not a scientifically claimed medicine.. just a home made  mixture to reduce unpleasant troubles!  Good for new –born mothers for their kids healthy and happy life, just feeding them like chaa’ta na hai after giving them massage and morning warm bath. Immediately put it in their mouth helps digestion, good for lack of appetite (some kids have this problem my son had) and good to keep their stomach from getting bloated.


Very simple, very effective, costs very low, takes no time, no mess and yet tasty. Try taking it early morning on empty stomach just one small teaspoon ( can be increased to 1 tblsp after you notice its effectiveness )  and drink a glass cold or warm water as one would like. Grind in mixer and sieve it through a muslin cloth advisable for newly born, adults may take it however ,  for old people as they may desire.. both ways it works best!


1.         500 grm  mint sweets, (phudina jee tikki)

2.         500 grm white cane sugar (misri);  can make it slightly more or less ( various measurement ) if diabetic no need

3.         50 grms dried ginger (soonth)

4.         50 grms black pepper

5.         50 grms  cumin seeds , jeera

6.         50 grms green cardamaom (elaichi) small green ones

7.         25 grm black cardamom (badi elaichi)

8.         50 grms almonds (badam)

9.         200 grms green fennel seeds (green saunf)

10.       200 grms aniseeds (indori saunf, brown saunf)

11.       10 grms carom seeds (ajwain) and 5 grams of it in summer 

12.       a few basil leaves, washed and dried, (tulsi ka patta)


Make sure all the ingredients are cleaned and the blender is absolutely clean and dry. For new borns, i suggest omitting the mint sweets and giving them a little bit of fresh mint leaves, washed and dried perfectly. In India we get a mint sweet which is not too strong for the system, but alas its just available in india. If using polo sweet mints, just use half the amount. You can always increase the amount of the sugar candy instead. Grind all the ingredients and bottle it. For giving to the newborn, just mix it with breast or formula milk. They usually love it as its sweet.

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  1. Mahendra says:

    thanks for sharing

  2. Rajshree says:

    Hello. Instead of giving chaata to baby… can mother eat chaata… so that it directly go to mother’s milk.. n the baby get feed… plz reply soon as possible

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