Todays recipe is one brought to us by Pooja Mansukhani of Dubai. She has done a lot of research on “phakki” which is a home made herbal concoction for lactant mothers. This wonder concoction is excellent for overall well being. This is specially for aftercare after delivery but you can also take it for ailments such a muscle or backache. This is an excellent home remedy which our grandmothers used to give us. Many  recent mothers have this as its effect is so good on them and on their nursing baby. I myself have taken “phakki” after i gave birth to my childern and it did me well. It also brings your pre pregnancy state of body back to normal soon. This wonder blend has many many benefits and no harm.
NITU DIDI TIP: Make sure you measure out all the ingredients correctly and place them on a clean dry plate. If you cannot get some of the ingredients, you can also make this phakki without it. The basic ingredients very important for this have their english translation. If you can get all the ingredients thats a real BOON. Use a clean blender to make this phakki and grind it very fine. The magic bullet is a good blender that blends small amount of spices. To buy it do visit my ONLINE STORE. Also do share this recipe with all those who need it. Please do feel free to share this recipe with all who need it.
Once again I thank Pooja Mansukhani for going through all the trouble to thorougly research this and also to make it, take a pic and share the recipe with all of us.
TIP GIVEN TO ME BY PADU MELWANI: To get a good amount of baby milk while breast feeding make sure you eat a lot of cumin seeds (jeera/cominos) in your diet. One way to ensure you get your cumin seeds intake on a daily basis is to make dough for chapattis . Roll out one chappati and sprinkle a good amount of cumin seeds over it. Cover with the other chapatti and then roll out a bit and cook your chapatti. This should be eaten both during pregnancy and also after delivery and while breast feeding.

Phakki: Good for breast-feeding, relieves abdominal after delivery pains, severe back-aches, swelling, controls excessive bleeding, nausea, flatulence, laziness, odour smell, constipation, diarrhea any problems can be controlled by taking a tea-spoon-full as desired with warm water or milk or honey.. mixed. Taken Regularly will help to regain your health fast!
Grind all the below ingredients ( skip misri / sugar candy or reduce to half )
1. 500grm phudina jee tikki mint sweets, you can use THESE
2. 500grm misri(white cane sugar) can make it slightly more or less ( various measurement ) if diabetic no need
3. 50grms soondh(dried ginger ( back ache)
4. 50grms black pepper/kaali mirch
5. 50grms jeera/cumin seeds
6. 50grms ilaichi (cardamom) small green ones
7. 25grm Var Ving
8. 50grms badam /almonds(optional )
9. 200 grms saunf/green fennel  ( bada saunf)
10. 200 grms aniseeds (indori saunf)
11. 10 grms Ajwain/carom seeds ( in summer) can increase its quantity by 15grm, (in Winters only .
12. Tulsi ja pan’ah fresh but washed and dried /fresh basil, washed and dried well
14. 25 grms Liquorice’: ( mitthi katthi)
15. 50 grms Harir’ or hanjino
Haritaki derived from a drop of nectar from Indra’s cup. Haritaki is used to mitigate Vata and eliminate ama (toxins), indicated by constipation, a thick greyish tongue coating, abdominal pain and distension, foul feces and breath, flatulence, weakness, and a slow pulse. Haritaki improves digestion, promotes the absorption of nutrients, and regulates colon function.
16. 25 grm Sweet flag ( Gandhari bach or gur bach) laxative (optional)
17. 50grms Methi: (Hurbo) /fenugreek seeds severe back aches
18. 50grms Pannur’

Measure all the ingredients well and blend them in a blender till very smooth. Keep in a clean air tight bottle and use a teaspoon every morning with a glass of warm water. You will not believe how good this is for you!

Here are the ingredients translated thanks to Deepa Khangde

Liquorice’: ( mitthi katthi) – Jestamadha – glycyrrhiza glabra
Sweet flag – Vekhand-(Acorus calamus)
Harir / Haritaki – Hirada-Terminalia chebula

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  1. zakiya says:

    Hi nitu I can’t wait to make this recipe I’m due to give birth soon, can you please tell me what’s harir and pannur, and is sweet flag guur that’s used as a sweetner?

    • nituchugani says:

      Hi dear..yes i remember your comments on facebook. I am trying very hard to find the english equivalent for these ingredients, but I just cant seem to do so. Just make the “phakki” without these three… you will be fine, if you can wait a bit, check the blog and if anyone comments on this you can read it. I am so sorry i am not able to help you. God bless the unborn 🙂

  2. neelam says:

    sweet flag guur is edible gum I believe

  3. Deepa Khandge says:

    Hi.. got some Marathi names .. Liquorice’: ( mitthi katthi) – Jestamadha – glycyrrhiza glabra
    Sweet flag – Vekhand-(Acorus calamus)
    Harir / Haritaki – Hirada-Terminalia chebula
    Not able to search is Pannur’…
    Hope this is useful…

  4. Hanifa Vasta. says:

    Nitu been I know I’m of the topic but please I need the reciepe for Mutton kharai ! Been trying to reach you tru FB for. While, hope you are able to assist me, kind regards .

    • nituchugani says:

      Hi Hanifa… Have you checked on the blog for the recipe? Maybe i have given it a different name…like sookha mutton… i cant remember now. I am also dont remember you reaching me through facebook as i always try and reply to everyone. Kind regards and thank you for messaging me.

  5. Kripa says:

    Thanx 4 sharing dis recipe.

  6. Pooja Mansukhani says:

    Nitu .. Thank you, so much for making it ‘Live & Global!!

  7. Smita says:

    Can this be taken during the pregnancy

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