Think Spain and apart from the bullfights and beaches and ofcourse the tapas, Sangria immediately comes into your mind. Jugs and jugs of it is served all over Spain in its quaint side cafes, restaurants, and pubs. A good sangria is just the blend of a few “right” ingredients. Everyone has their own taste, some like it sweeter while some like it more potent. I was recently in India and taught how to make spanish paella and sangria in my cooking workshop. I was also requested to make a non alcoholic version which I did. I was told it was the most amazing sangria which they had tasted. This recipe of mine is an result of watching many bar tenders make sangria and also a bit of my own preference. I do like it both sweet and potent but without being too sickly. In Spain they serve it in jugs, topped with chopped fruit and in the bottom of the jug you can see a layer of sugar which you need to stir before pouring the sangria into the glasses. I prefer my sangria without the sugar, so THAT is something totally optional.
1 750 ml bottle of red wine, I USED THIS or Non alcoholic red wine or red grape juice, chilled
750 ml of sprite or 7 up..if making non alcohol version you can add some gingerale and some sparkling soda water instead, chilled
2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tablespoons each of vodka, white rum, brandy and cointreau or any fruity schnapps ( i used peach schnapps)..halaal followers please omit this and add a little ginger juice to this
cut fruit such as oranges, apples, pears, pineapple, etc etc
lots of ice cubes or crushed ice
sugar to taste, if desired, i did not use (non alcoholic version does not need sugar)
Take a large jug or using a punch bowl add all the ingredients except the ice. Mix well and taste. You can make it more potent or add sugar if you like. Add the icecubes and serve immediately. After you have finished drinking the sangria you can eat up the wine soaked fruit. Its delicious.
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