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Pressed for time? Have guests who have kids and dont know what to make for them? Aaaahhh…dont worry, there is always something you can churn up in no time ! Kids will love this cheesey flaky pie and it can be made in advance and served cold , taken for picnis and travels. This is an easy recipe..so easy but you can play around with the cheese…get creative by mixing gorgonzola with cumin flavoured gouda and creating a lovely flavour everytime..can also add nuts, berries to this.
Make a spicy version by adding chopped coriander leaves and green chillies or add veggies to this.
You can just let your imagination go wild!! But yes, if its for kids…K I S ..(keep it simple).
1 packed of slightly thawed puff pastry if using frozen I used THIS ONE
250 grams of mature cheddar cheese, grated, i used my magic bullet to grate the cheese
Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Roll out the slighly thawed puff pastry if using a frozen one. If you thaw it out completely it tends to get sticky and then you will need some white flour to help you roll it. You can even get pre rolled puff pastry and thats even easier to manage. Spread the grated cheese liberally on it and bake till golden brown. Once baked let it cool a bit and cut it into pieces with a pizza cutter! Thats it !!! Simple, delicious and kids love it!
I have already given you options. You can also cut the puff pastry into squares and line a muffin tin with them and bake them a bit blind and they will turn into lovely cups. Dont forget to prick them. Then you can use any cold salad filling and fill them,
This makes an excellent snack or starter
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  1. White Pearl says:

    This looks like a great treat ! Love it 🙂

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