I have just returned from a visit to India and I was lucky to have a real culinary experience to the best i could. I could not taste a kulfi or a desi icecream which was upto the mark. On my return, i decided to try and make an icecream which was eggless and easy. I chose mangoes as the primary flavour as this fruit is the King of fruits in India.
Here is my easy, creamy mango icecream with a twist.
800 grams/ml of mango pulp, i used a canned one by Natco
500 ml of whipping cream with at least 33 ml fat content , chilled
370 grams of condensed milk, i used this one
1 teaspoon of ground cardamom
1 pinch of Nitu Didi pure spanish saffron (buy it HERE)
1/4 cup of cashewnuts, i ground them in my bullet
Chill the cream, the mango pulp and the condensed milk. In a big mixing bowl add the cream and proceed to whip it with a hand beater or till fluffy and stiff. Below you will find my video on how to whip cream perfectly. Once the cream is whipped well add the condensed milk to it and fold it gently. Add the cardamom, the cashews and crush the saffron in your palm ( if its a good quality saffron it will crush easily) and add it to the mixture. Lastly gently fold in the mango pulp. Put into a container, cover it and freeze it till its well frozen. Remove it and beat the whole mixture till fluffy. Freeze it again, then remove it and beat it and refreeze it. This beating and freezing method makes the icecream creamy. You can also put the mixture in an icecream maker and churn it. Voila…here you have a yummy creamy delicious mango icecream!

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  1. Linwood Mcgee says:

    Ripe sweet luscious mango pulp mixed with creamy rich full cream hung curd and cream. Frozen and beaten to get the right consistency, and when done results in the most amazingly naturally flavored Ice Cream you have ever tasted.

  2. Beat the cream (& the saffron if you are using it) just until it forms very soft peaks. (Whisk the sugar with the cream if you are using sugar). Save some of the cream for topping. Gently fold in mango pulp gently into rest of the cream.

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