Trifle is one dessert where you can use your imagination and create a different one each time! It is basically a combination of custard and cake which is layered and fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips can be added. Actually you can add whatever you like and the custard can also be flavoured the way you like.
I had some chocolate cake which was a few days old and i decided to do something with it!
Basically i made up a custard and then broke the chocolate cake into pieces.
I put a layer of cake in a glass (you can also use a dish) and then i poured some liquer on it, (this time i felt like using something different so i used gran mariner) and then poured a layer of thick custard and then again cake with a few drops of liquer and then again some custard. This was left to set in the fridge till it sets and the cake soaks up the liquer.
This is it…simple and easy…now you can add fresh or canned fruit to the custard… you can also soak the cake in juice, you can use different types of cake.. you can add chocolate sauce, whipped cream etc as an extra layer…some jellly pieces, you can play around with the custard flavouring it with vanilla, or strawberry or cinnamon. You can mix and match different flavours and color the custard to make a pretty trifle. Do try this out and send me the pictures of your creations.
Recipe for rich and moist chocolate cake
Which custard powder did i use???

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