I know all of us like quick and easy meals sometimes. No matter who or what lifestyle, sometimes we all find ourselves short of time. I personally am always in a rush nowadays….cooking queries to answer, recipes to create and then write and then to try and dedicate time to the sales of my kitchenware…the cleaning, supermarketing.. how do we women manage it all? Sometimes i really feel we have a guardian angel there helping us and we always seem to manage dont we???
Anyways this is about a recipe right??? So here you are…as you all wanted… my creamy tomato pasta… easy… economical and with storecupboard ingredients.
2 bowls of cooked pasta of your choice, i used macaroni but you can use anything you like
1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste, click here
2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil
4 tablespoons of cream cheese, i used low calorie
1 cup of tomato paste
4-5 tablepsoons of ketchup
salt to taste
capsium cut into rounds
2 green chillies chopped fine, optional and some chopped fresh coriander
Melt the butter in a non stick pan and take care not to burn, Add the ginger garlic paste and when it starts turning color add the pasta and all the ingredients. If you like your pasta saucy you can add more sauce by adding more cream cheese and tomato paste. If you like it spicy you can add some chilli sauce too. Cook till the pasta is bubbling with the sauce and serve immediately.
For Jain recipes please omit the ginger garlic and proceed
For the lactose intolerant use olive oil and substitute the cream cheese for lactose free cheese or pureed tofu.

You can also use herbs such as oregano, rosemary or italian seasoning..i did not

  1. Butter is rich in the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A necessary for thyroid and adrenal health.
  2. Contains lauric acid, important in treating fungal infections and candida.
  3. Contains lecithin, essential for cholesterol metabolism.
  4. Contains anti-oxidants that protect against free radical damage.
  5. Has anti-oxidants that protect against weakening arteries.
  6. Is a great source of Vitamins E and K.
  7. Is a very rich source of the vital mineral selenium.
  8. Saturated fats in butter have strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.
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  1. Esos macarrones se ven exquisitos, very very.

  2. nituchugani says:

    Reme…besos 🙂 hoy hecho 3 videos !!!

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  4. Chellam says:

    I was just wondering, is this dish a bit tangy or sour due to the amount of tomato paste used? Please advise, thanks

  5. nituchugani says:

    hi chellam …. well we like it a bit tangy…if you dont you can always reduce the amount of tomato paste …. and if you like it more creamy add more cream cheese:) thank you for your comment

  6. Lovely Maria says:

    This recipe is great I made chicken separately and added it to this pasta its awesome thnx a lot for sharing 🙂

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