Fenugreek  (methi)rice is one of my favorite ways to eat rice. Fenugreek leaves are good for heath ( i will give you the benefits later) and this rice is delicious on its own or eaten with yogurt or a simple vegetable or some pan fried fish (thats how i eat it!!): Its a family favorite of mine and also a popular rice dish in sindhi homes. I made this recipe with a locally availble basmati rice by the brand Dacasa. This is for all my followers who live in Spain , but you can use any brand of basmati rice. Just wash the rice well and soak it for half an hour. If you want to omit garlic and ginger in this recipe you can…Just use cumin seeds instead.
1 cup of basmati rice, washed soaked for 30 minutes and drained
3 flakes of garlic, chopped
1 small piece of ginger, chopped OR 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds
1 cup of fresh fenugreek leaves chopped or 1 heaped tablespoon of dried fenugreek leaves soaked in water for 30 mins
2 green chillies chopped if you like it hot
1 cup of coriander leaves chopped
1 large red tomato chopped
1/2 teaspoon of Nitu Didi pure turmeric powder
salt to taste
1 1/4 – 1 1/2 cups of water
3 tablespoons of cooking oil or olive oil
Heat the oil in a pan and then add the garlic and sautee for a few seconds till it starts changing color then add the ginger and sautee again taking care not to brown too much or burn. If omitting this add the cumin seeds instead. Then add the chopped tomato with the fenugreek leaves (if using dried can add the drained fenugreek leaves and save the water for cooking the rice). Cook till mushy. Add the green chillies, turmeric, salt and coriander leaves and give it a stir. Add the drained basmati rice and water and cook till water is absorbed and rice is cooked and fluffy. I  have not given the exact amount of water as it depends on the quality of rice. What i do is add 1 and a quarter cups of water first and cover it and if it needs more i add some more. You can always add but remember you cant subtract :):)
Enjoy this lovely rice and think of me 🙂
It is a very good source of iron. That is why fenugreek, both its seeds and leaves are considered medicinal for curing anemia. In fact, even if you follow standard medicine, patients with low hemoglobin count are usually put on a diet of fenugreek and other vegetables like spinach and lettuce.

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  1. Además de un arroz bien rico, lo que se aprende contigo.

  2. nituchugani says:

    Reme…gracias 🙂


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