Naans stuffed with chicken mince. A meal on its own if you feel like something light or a nice way to use up left over naan dough. had a cooking workshop and taught naans and had a whole lot of dough left over. Naan dough can be refrigerated or frozen. You can fill the naans with any filling of your choice. boiled mashed vegetables, coconut and raisins, cheese etc. I have a video tutorial on youtube showing how to make stuffed naans. I had some chicken breast marinated in ginger garlic paste and decided to stuff the naans with this. My chicken was cut into cubes so i minced it in my amazing bullet.
For the naan recipe :
1 envelope (7 grams) of dry yeast
500 grams of white flour
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
1 small cup of warm water
plain white yogurt (curds) as needed to make the dough, i used about 200 grams

chicken breast, cut into small pieces
ginger garlic paste
garam masala
coriander and mint leaves
a little onion
green chillies and salt to taste
Put the chicken pieces a bit by bit in the food processor and mince it. Add all the ingredients and mince it till its a very fine paste.
To make the naans
Put the yeast in a bowl with the sugar and a little warm water and leave it to rise for ten minutes. When its frothy add the white flour and the salt and make a dough with the yogurt. Knead the dough well till nice and elastic and cover the bowl with a plastic bag and place it in a warm place to rise. This should take a few hours. Once its doubled in size punch it down and make small balls and leave it again to rise for about half an hour.
Using some dry flour now roll each ball into a flat round,. Place some filling in one of the rounds and spread with a spoon or wet palms leaving just a bit of the edges free. Cover with the other rolled out naan and press gently. Roll a bit to even it out and place on a hot gridle or frying pan and cook on both sides. Smear with butter and serve
To watch my naan video



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4 Responses to CHICKEN NAAN

  1. Laura Lily says:

    Thanks so much for recipe!!! Looks so yummie!!! You are fantástic!!

  2. El naan relleno tiene que estar bien rico, con toquecito picante. Tengo que hacerlos, ya te contaré.

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