This sure is one favorite snack…or at least one of mine! I love to order them when i eat out and never realised that one day i would make them.
My dear friend Paco Herrero brought me some fresh jalapeño peppers and told me how he had made some stuffed with cream cheese and fresh coriander.
His recipe was simple : stuff them, dip them in beaten egg, flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs and deep fry.
I was as always thinking of my “vegetarian” followers… and thought “why egg”?????
So…here is my eggless version which turned out awesome… non oily and just amazing
They can be also filled with cheddar cheese
12 jalapeño peppers, red and green or either
2 big potatoes, boiled and mashed
coriander leaves, chopped
cream cheese
oil for frying
salt to taste
Wash and pat dry the peppers. Make a slit using a knife lengthwise keeping the stem intact. Mix the cream cheese with some coriander leaves and stuff it into each pepper.
Mix the mashed potatoes with a little coriander leaves and salt. Make sure they are well mashed. Take a small amount of mashed potato in your palm and flatten it, if the potato mixture is sticky apply some oil to your palms to make this easier. Place the pepper in and fold and press and cover the pepper with the potato mixture. Roll well in breadcrumbs. Make all the peppers this way. Make sure they are well rolled in breadcrumbs or while frying the cheese will ooze out. Heat the oil till well heated and fry each pepper till golden brown. Drain on a kitchen towel to remove any excess oil and serve with sauce of your choice.
NITU DIDI TIP: if you dont want to coat them in mashed potatoes you can also coat them in a thick paste of white flour and water or… in beaten egg and breadcrumbs…but this is how i did it

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  1. Pican los jalapeños?, bueno aunque piquen un poco la receta es buena.

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