For the auspicious festival of Rakhsha Bandhan i bring you this lovely recipe sent to me by Harkirat Oberoi. Sorry for the quality of the pic.

This is his recipe and i am copying it the way he sent it to me.


Yoghurt, 1 kg – hung for 3 hours, nett yield was 450 grams. (the portion in the pic is about 100 grams)
Sugar powder – 80 grams
Cardamom powder – 1 gram
Nutmeg powder – 1 gram
Saffron (Nitu Didi sent me some) – 1/6 th gram [reserved few strands to garnish and dissolved the rest in warm milk for 20 mts.
Almond / Pistacchio slivers to sprinkle on top.

Except the garnishing ingredients, blended all the items in a large bowl on a bed of crushed ice.

I do this so that the body of the yoghurt remains firm and when we refrigerate, Shrikand does not crystallise, rather remain smooth.

Garnish to serve in individual bowls.

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