This is an all american favorite and the recipe goes back years and years. My father used to buy this flavor of icecream when we used to live in HongKong and it used to be really expensive as it used to be imported from America. This icecream has a history….the flavor was created in March 1929 by William Dreyer in Oakland, California when he cut up walnuts and marshmallows with his wife’s sewing scissors and added them to his chocolate ice cream in a manner that reflected his partner Joseph Edy‘s chocolate candy creation incorporating walnuts and marshmallow pieces. Later, the walnuts would be replaced by pieces of toasted almond. This is all thanks to wikipedia! I have created my own rocky road icecream with my own special touch. Its an easy desert specially if you have a party and dont have much time to make desert. If you need the amazing blender i have used in the recipe do contact me. I can have it shipped to you.
1 tub (1 kilo or 1000ml) of chocolate icecream of your choice, can also use chocolate icecream with chocolate chips
1 small cup of chopped marshmellows
1 small cup of grated white chocolate
1 small cup of chopped left over chocolate cake
1 small cup of toasted and roughtly grated almonds
melt the icecream and put it into a big container so its easy to mix. Add the chopped marshmellows, the grated white chocolate, cake and toasted almonds. Mix wel and put into a covered container ( i now use these special “keep fresh” containers that make your food last longer and fresher due to its special plastic material. When its frozen scoop with an icecream scoop and serve in icecream cups sprinkled with coloured sprinkles, or chopped chocolate.
Its a real explosion of flavours and textures
Please watch the video to see how to chop and grate the chocolate and nuts!!


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  1. Me encanta ver tus videos, me rio por como presentas las recetas.
    El helado rico y original.

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