Satays are soo popular nowadays in partys and barbecues. I think the fact that these succulent pieces of fish, meat or chicken in a bamboo stick are easy to serve
The marinade is equally important as the marinade time so do plan in advance if you want to make this perfectly.
This can be made with any meat substitute as seitan , mockduck or tofu,
500 grams of cubed chicken, fish or meat of your choice
2 tablespoons of ginger juice (just grate some ginger and squeeze it in the palm of your hand to extract the juice)
2 tablespoons of garlic juice (same as above)
2 tablespoons of honey or sugar
2 tablespoons of soya sauce
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of tahina (sesame paste)
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
1 good pinch of black pepper
2 tablespoons of extra virgin Spanish Olive Oil
salt to taste
This is the basic marinade….You can also add
1 tablespoon of Nitu Didi London Fine Curry Powder
1 teaspoon of sweet or spicy paprika
some onions, cut into chunks
some red or green peppers cut into chunks
a few mushrooms , quartered of halved (acording to size)
wooden bamboo sticks
Combine the first 10 ingredients and mix well. Add the chicken /meat/fish or tofu to the marinade and mix well so that each piece is coated with the marinade. If you want to use curry powder/paprika do so. You can even make half the amount with curry powder and half with paprika. Just giving you ideas.
Marinate in a container overnight in the fridge.
Next day remove it and bring it to room temperature. Wet the bamboo sticks in water and shake off the excess droplets.
Sprinkle the cut veggies with salt and pepper and mix into the chicken for 15 minutes so it gets some of the marinade flavor.
Skewer the chicken/meat pieces onto the wet bamboo sticks alternating with the veggies (you can also add courgettes, white pumpkin and veggies of your choice or even some fresh cheese)
Grill in a hot pan till brown and done or in a barbecue…ofcourse for a barbecue you need metal skewers.
Serve with any salad you fancy!!!!
Its really awesome!!!!!

To make tahina sauce at home

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  1. Muy rica receta, ya sea con carne o pescado. Yo la probaré con pollo.
    Gracias por compartir.

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