f you are throwing a party and and have no time for dessert or want to make a dessert in advance …well i have the perfect solution for you !!! This vanilla ice cream delight will delight each and every of your guests. Who doesnt love icecream???? One can even make their own icecream with out without an icecream maker…but right now we are talking about an easy dessert. Creamy vanilla icecream with chunks…mmmm…chunks of whatever youd love to bite your teeth into! This is a very versatile recipe and i am sure you are just going to love it when you read how easy it is.
1 tub of your favorite brand vanilla icecream, slightly thawed
4-5 chocolate chip cookies, broken
1/2 cup of caramalised nuts of your choice, (to make caramlised nuts please watch my cooking video on youtube)
a good sprinkle of chocolate chips
2-3 kitkat bars chopped
Put the thawed icecream into a big bowl and add all the ingredients. Mix well. Pack into a covered container and refreeze.
Serve in a bowl and decorate as you wish.

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