I had the amazing oportunity to attend a workshop held by Beefeater Spain to learn about gin…how its distilled…how its flavoured, all that goes into the making of a good gin and finally…how to create a cocktail using Beefeater Gin.
The workshop was a real eyeopener and lots of fun!! I was served a real cooling gin tonic ( i only wish i had chosen a later slot…not 11 am!!) which i sipped during the whole course.
The best part was creating a cocktail…I had a whole array of ingredients before my eyes and for me it was a real treat!!! No need to chop, no need to squeeze lemon juice…all i had to do was use my imagination and go with my creativity…and thats just what i did!!
Yes you can make it alcohol free for all of you who dont can i ever forget you?????
You can also make it with the flavor of your choice if you dont like strawberries…i was given the option of strawberries, peach, plum or orange…i chose strawberries!
Do enjoy this lovely drink…and just have one ok???
1 teaspoon of sugar
6 teaspoons of lemon juice
2 teaspoons of strawberry jam, or any jam of your choice
50 ml of Beefeater Gin
a good splash of soda water (sparkling water)
6-8 ice cubes
sliced strawberries, lime and orange
Mint leaves (not in the pic…but i am sure it would be amazing with it)
in a cocktail shaker (or a jar with a tight fitting lid) add all the ingredients and shake shake shake!!!
Serve with more ice cubes and broken mint leaves…i say broken mint leaves so that they emit all their lovely fragrance…
Taste and adjust acording to choice… you can add more jam to make it sweeter
Pour into a fancy glass
just omit the gin… and maybe you may have to add more sparkling water
Cheers!! Please do not drink and drive…. and dont have too many… ok?????
Thank you soo much Beefeater Spain for a wonderful morning and very informative workshop

Such an array of ingredients…and ofcourse Beefeater gin!!

I graduated!!!

My diploma!!!


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