I saw this recipe on facebook (it was made and shared by a spanish woman- and i cant remember her name…am feeling totally fustrated) and it fascinated me. It was a yogurt cake with strawberry topping and was totally EGGLESS!!! I was happy and asked my family if they would eat the cake if i baked it ( they cant see beyond chocolate or saffron cakes) and i was told NOT to bake it!! My fascination continued so i asked some of my followers on facebook if they were prepared to try a recipe for me and some agreed. Well Sajna Basant of Bangalore made this cake acording to the recipe and sent me the pic. Thank you soo much Sajna… i cant take credit for it , except for the fact that i came across the recipe. I cant even rememeber the name of the spanish lady and i am feeling so bad. Once i get to know i shall credit the recipe to her. Meantime talking about the recipe. Sajna Basant gave it her own twist…topping it with chocolate sauce instead of strawberry jam!! So now we have two versions!!! Its eggless….and butterless, oiless but in the LEAST TASTELESS!!!!!!!!!!! So thank you Sajna for making it and thank you whoever who actually put up the recipe…And…you all can thank me when you do try it out !!”wink wink”!! Pinky Nagdev…my sweetie do try this out 🙂

150 grams of crushed biscuits
60 gramos of butter, melted
375 grams of thick yogurt, greek or normal but must be thick…if not put it in a thin cloth for a while to remove the moisture
1 small can of condensed milk
strawberry jam at room temperature
chocolate sauce
for the chocolate sauce:
milk chocolate bar
a little cream
a little icing sugar to taste

Heat an oven to 175 degrees.
crush the biscuits and add the melted butter to it. Press it into the bottom of a spring form pan to make a base. Press it firmly and refrigerate for an hour.
Mix the thick yogurt with the condensed milk well. Pour it gently and carefully on top of the biscuit layer. Place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Cool completely (very important) and then refigerate for an hour. For the strawberry jam topping : Heat the strawberry jam ( if its from the fridge) and cool it a bit. Top it over the cake and make swirls with a fork to create a fancy design.
FOR THE CHOCOLATE SAUCE: melt the chocolate bar over a double boiler , add a little cream and some icing sugar to taste. Cool it a bit and pour over the cake!!

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