It is my pleasure to share the recipes and pics you all send me. I feel soo happy with the input you all send me and today i am sharing a lovely vegetarian starter sent to me by FAREEHA FURHAN…its simple to make and delicious . I have edited the recipe a bit so that everyone can understand. 3 cheers to all of you who share your love , your input for me and all my followers
cottage cheese/paneer(home made) 1kg
u can use ready_made,its easily available in the market
ginger garlic paste 1tsp
green onions 3-4 sliced green+white part(can use more if u like)
green chilli 2-3 finely choped
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1tsp
2 lemon juice
cumin seeds 1tbsp(i personaly love cumin so always add extra,u can use less)
coriander powder 1/2tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
kalonji (onion seeds also known as nigella seeds) a pinch


take a mixing bowl & mix everthing together.

boiled potatoes 5 medium
salt less than u normal taste
black pepper 1/4 tsp

mash everthing together & put aside.
For coating:
egg 2 whisked
bread crumbs

first of all take small portion of mash potatoes & lay it flat on ur palm, fill in 1tsp paneer filling,carefully wrap it over into small balls.repeat the same procedure with the rest.
now dip this balls into egg wash 1st then breadcrumbs.repeat shape it into hearts by pressing the ball between ur index finger & thumb ,to give it the V shape + pressing it further from the top to give it the curve on the top,making it a beautiful heart.done
NITU DIDI TIP: to make this eggless just omit the eggs and dip the hearts in beaten milk and then roll in breadcrumbs!!
To make home made cottage cheese(paneer)


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  1. i am glad honey u add this to ur blog…..

    lov fareeha

    • nituchugani says:

      Fareeha…thank you for your recipe and your pic…now i am going to translate it in spanish and add it to my spanish blog for my spanish followers 🙂 thank u soo much sweetie for taking time out to type it and send me the pic 🙂 much love and wish you a merry xmas.

  2. Ty Johnson says:

    I just posted on facebook about this but I wanted to post again here, we tried this dish and it is amazing, we had lime tho so we switched out the lemon for lime, it turned out great. I will be making this again!

  3. Vanshika Khemlani says:

    Nice Recipe Nitu Didi. Will Definately Try after Navratras.

  4. niti sharma says:

    The pics show a fried dish but u have not mentioned any frying in hot oil in the recipe.
    We r frying the hearts or not ?

    • nituchugani says:

      yes my dear they are deep fried…its not my recipe..was sent to me by Fareeha…but yes the hearts are then deep fried

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