Whoever has been to Spain and is a seafood eater has definitely tasted fried calamari… squid rings are batter fried till crispy and then served with a wedge of lemon. Each person has their own recipe for crispy batter fried squid. In Spain we call it “CALAMARES ALA ROMANA”!! In the supermarket today i saw baby calamari and wanted to make it in an indian way…with spices and a lovely gravy so i bought some and when cleaning it i thought of making a snack out of few of them…My own version of Calamares ala romana… ofcoruse these were not rings….i cut them up into bite size pieces but i wanted to experiment all the same….so….. this is what i didi!!!!
100 grams of chopped up baby calamari, cut it into bite size pieces
white flour
Sprinkling masala (spice) which i made by taking half a teaspoon each of Nitu Didis cumin powder, red chilli powder and paprika powder…i mixed this up together and put it into a shaker.
oil for deep frying
lemon for squeezing
clean the calamari and chop it into not too big pieces so you can pop each piece into your mouth!! Pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Heat the oil for deep frying and coat each piece of calamari in white flour and then just deep fry till crispy. While still hot sprinkle withe the masala which you have mixed!!! Serve with wedges of lemon and a nice chilled drink!!
This is soo yummy and sooo easy 🙂


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