Diwali is a time for sweets and an old time favorite is this lovely nuttly brittle known as “varo or chikki”. It needs very few ingredients and is easy to make. The secret lies in melting the sugar and the ratio of the chopped nuts to the sugar. Here i am giving u the recipe which is courtesy of my dear friend Dipa Motwani…both recipe and pic are courtesy of her..Thank you soo much Dipa
250 grams of sugasr
200 grams of mixed chopped nuts
a little oil for smearing
a squeeze of lemon juice and cardamom powder
melt the sugar in a heavy bottomed pan till its pale golden and then add the mixed chopped nuts and  cardamom powder mix and  verry well. Grease your rolling pin before hand and also the top of your kitchen surface .Mix the lemon juice into the nut mixture and put it quickly onto the kitchen surface and roll quickly with the rolling pin till its round and thin. Wait a few seconds for it to harden and cool and there you have your lovely nutty brittle 🙂
Thank you soo much Dipa darling 🙂


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