This is what i taught my spanish students in my cooking workshop. Kulfi can be made with many different flavours and in many ways. I do it the instant way and it comes out excellent and creamy and takes absolutely no time!! I have a video on youtube on how to make it and its quite a normal kind..this is more elaborate…so here you are :9
500 ml of evaporated milk
750 grams can of condensed milk
250 cc of cream
1/4 cup of warm whole milk
1 slice of bread, crust removed
1 big pinch Nitu Didis pure spanish saffron
8-10 pods of Nitu Didi cardamom
100 grams of pistachio nuts shelled
a pinch of green food coloring
OPTIONAL. rose essence a few drops
add Nitu Didis pure spanish saffron to the warmed milk and then the bread and let it all blend together for a few minutes. Put it into a blender with the cardamoms and blend till the cardamoms are crushed well. Tthen add the evaporated milk, the condensed milk and blend again. Add the pistachios and blend and lastly the cream. Add a few drops of green food coloring and rose essence and mix it all very well. Pour into a container or kulfi moulds and freeze. To make it creamy you have to freeze it till it sets and then beat it with a fork repeating this for a few times. WHAT WE DIDI: i froze the whole mixture in a container and when it was hzlf frozen i beat it and then put it into these moulds and re froze them!! To unmould them just run the mould through warm water and the kulfi comes out nicely. WHAT MY STUDENTS DID: they turned the mould onto a plate and let it glide down and clapped when it did!! Thats why the pic looks soo splashy!!!!!

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