Yummy cripsy hot hot jalebis made at home, Perfect for a rainy day, for a snack or even with RABRI for a dessert. Pinky Valechas recipe made by Sajna Basant
Pic by Sajna Basant…thank you soo much

1 1/4th cup white flour (maida)
3 tbsp. fine semolina (sooji)
1 tbsp. cooking oil
1 tbsp. curd (yogurt)

mix flour, curds (yogurt), oil and semolina together.. make a batter of all of these with Luke warm water..make sure the batter is’nt runny or thick too .. keep whisking this for about 20 mins. cover n keep aside for 10-12 hrs. before making jalebis add yellow food color.

sugar syrup :-
4 cups sugar
water -2 cups ( enough 2 cover up d sugar)

boil both sugar n water till the syrup forms 2 strings..add 6 drops of lemon juice, cardamom powder n Saffron(for best results use NITU DIDI SAFFRON)

take a soft gauze type of  cloth..make a small hole into it ..fill d jalebi batter in d cloth..press this cloth  directly into hot oil in swirls like how jalebis r made.. fry on low flame till crisp.. if u r not able 2 make this with cloth u can also use an empty shell of half coconut with a small hole made in d bottom. Fry the jalebis in hot oil and soak them instantly in the syrup for them to soak. Dont soak for too long else they get soggy.

TIP: you can also use an icebag and nozzle to make the jalebis!!

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2 Responses to JALEBIS

  1. maya says:

    will try & let you know

  2. nituchugani says:

    sure please do 🙂

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